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Building energy performance

The V Zahrádkách project, like all other Trigema residential projects, has a Band B – efficient energy rating.You can find the certificate here.

Storage units and parking

The storage units are located on all the above-ground floors, and their price is included in the price of the apartment/studio.

Garage and parking places must be purchased additionally together with the apartment/studio and their price is not included in the price of the apartment/studio. The prices of garage and parking places range from CZK 287,500 including VAT.

Building standards of apartments / studios in the building

The emphasis on quality is expressed in the used materials and fixtures, which comply with the requirements of current clients interest in housing.

Vertical structures
  • Supporting structure: combination of reinforced concrete and masonry wall system.
  • Facade: contact insulation system.
Clear height in apartments
  • 2,630 mm (false ceiling in selected apartments/studios in the WC, bathroom and corridor).
Horizontal structures
  • Reinforced concrete monolithic slabs, pre-fabricated, pre-tensioned panels.
  • Acoustic false ceilings in selected apartments/studios in the corridors, WC and bathrooms.
  • Masonry
  • Living room, bedroom, corridor – laminate floor, skirting board, doorsills.
  • Bathroom, WC, entrance hall, closet – ceramic tiles (e.g. RAKO – Bavano or Living).
  • Balcony, terrace – tiles on targets.
  • Common corridors, landings – ceramic tiles chosen by the architect.
Interior plaster
  • Walls in apartments / studios – lime cement smooth plaster.
  • Apartment units / studios – white, abrasion resistant.
  • Common corridors, stairways – white, entrance lobby according to the architect’s design.
Tiles, paint
  • Bathroom, WC – ceramic tiles (e.g. RAKO BALVANO, or LIVING)
  • Kitchenette – no floor or wall tiles.
  • The ceramic floor and wall tiles are grouted with grouting chosen by the client as standard.
Windows and balcony doors
  • Plastic windows – insulating double-glazing.
  • Opening doors to the terraces, balconies, front gardens – according to the project documentation (selected apartments).
  • Exterior system metal sheet, interior system plastic.
Garage doors
  • Sectional entrance doors to the underground garages, remote controlled.
Entrance doors to apartments
  • Security doors, w. 900 mm, smooth, fire resistant, surface CPL.
  • Security door furniture – peephole, steel door frame, wooden doorsill.
Interior doors
  • Door frames.
  • Door height 1,970 mm, surface plastic sheet, doorframe plastic sheet, chosen by the client.
  • Interior door furniture.
Entrance doors to the building
  • Glazed aluminium (self-closing, panic handle, el. doorman).
Independent smoke sensor
  • A smoke sensor will be fitted in every entrance lobby of every flat/studio.
Electric installation
  • Interior elements – standard switches and sockets (e.g. Schneider or ABB).
  • Preparatory installation for a kitchen will end in a cabinet behind the assumed location of the kitchen units.
  • Gas boiler room.
  • Panel heating elements in the residential areas, possibly above-floor or wall-mounted convectors in selected apartments/studios.
  • A heating ladder will be fitted in bathrooms.
  • Thermostatic heads on these elements.
  • Classic basin, w. 60 cm.
  • Wall-mounted WC, duraplast seat, basin wastepipe
  • Accessories for taps, click-clack basin plug, metal.
  • Control button.
Fixtures – shower stall
  • Size depending on layout (800 x 1500 mm).
  • Sliding shower doors.
Fixtures - Baths
  • Bath size according to layout (1600 x 700 x 450, 1700 x 750 x 450).
  • White acrylic bath
Fixtures - taps
  • Upright basin taps; wall-mounted shower and bath taps, chrome
  • Shower set in the shower stall.

Note: Trigema, a.s. reserves the right to change the terms of these standards.


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