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How many apartments does the project contain?

The four-building residential project contains 108 units. Buildings C and D, which contain 56 units, will be for sale during the first phase.

What layouts does the project offer?

You can find all types of residential units in this project, from small 1 room + kitchenette apartments to two large apartments with 4 rooms + kitchenette and terrace on the highest floor of building D.

How much do the apartment units cost?

The average price of the apartments ranges from CZK 50,000/M2 including VAT. The average price represents development of the market in the specific location and also the high standard of housing, which is based on the technological equipment in the building itself and in the specific apartments. Thanks to extensive monitoring of development of the market we can declare that this price is deeply below the average in Prague at the moment. You can find the complete price list here.

You can find more information about the price levels in Plzeň on the new build search engine www.flatzone.cz

What classification is the project PENB?

PENB is the abbreviation for Building Energy Performance Certificate. The project is classified in energy class B. You can find the certificate here. The V Zahrádkách project, like all other Trigema residential projects, has a Band B – efficient energy rating.

When will the project be completed and when can we plan on moving?

Construction commenced in the spring of 2019, completion of the project is planned in the summer of 2020. The apartments will subsequently be prepared for handing over to the new owners.

Will the buildings also contain commercial premises (shops, services)?

There are no commercial premises planned in the building. However, there is no need to worry, one of the biggest shopping centres in Plzeň is available in the neighbourhood (3 minutes walk).

What are the options for financing purchase of an apartment in the V Zahrádkách project?

Purchase of an apartment in the V Zahrádkách project can be financed using practically all the available methods. By cash, using financial products (mortgages, loans on the basis of building society savings, etc.) and also in the form of an individual payment calendar according to the rules of he project. Trigema offers the option of choosing from several partner banking institutions Our partners are ČSOB, ČS, HB, Unicredit and Modrá pyramida. You only need a proof of identity and confirmation of your income in order to arrange a mortgage with any of our partner banks. All other documents concerning the purchased property will be supplied to the bank by Trigema.

What does the residential unit include?

The apartment is furnished to the qualitative standard recommended by the Trigema Company, which you can find here.

How many parking places are available, will I be able to purchase a parking place additionally?

The project consists of four buildings with 108 units (apartments and studios), with a total of 90 garage parking places in garages that are separate for each building and 169 parking places outside.

Won’t the surrounding traffic affect our peace and privacy?

The project is separated from Rokycanská Street by dense vegetation and a line of terraced houses. It also faces in the direction of a very peaceful part of the garden allotment complex, which is minimally affected by the surrounding traffic. There is no need to worry about noise from the surrounding area. You can find the location of the project here.

What public amenities are available in the area around the project? (Where is the nearest school, nursery school, public transport stop, etc.)?

The closest public transport stops are “Ústřední hřbitov“ or "U Václava" from which buses and trolley-buses travel in the direction of the centre of the city. The OC Plzeň shopping centre is within walking distance (3 minutes). More public amenities are available at the Doubravka and Lobzy housing estates. ß

What are the estimated costs for running the flat?

With regard to experience from previous projects we can state that the monthly costs for running an apartment will range around CZK 55/m2 during the initial period. This amount includes costs for heating, electricity, water and minor costs for cleaning and electricity for the common areas, operation of the lift, insurance of the building, management of the real property, etc. However, the precise calculation is always known just after the individual flats receive their occupancy permits, within the terms of a monthly breakdown of payments. This calculation corresponds to the current condition of each monitored residential unit.

Does the project have all the required permits?

The V Zahrádkách project is already under construction, which means it has a legally effective planning permit and building permit for construction of the apartment buildings. According to the schedule the deadline for completion is currently planned for the summer of 2020, when we will begin handing over the residential units to their new owners.

How can I reserve an apartment in the V Zahrádkách project?

You can reserve your choice of residential unit personally so that it is not sold before you make a final decision. This reservation is free. For more information don’t hesitate to contact our sales centre by means of the contact form or by calling tel. 739 588 618.

What is the warranty for the residential unit and how can I apply potential claims?

The standard warranty period is 24 months. Trigema is confident of the quality of its apartments and therefore offers an above-standard 36-month warranty. More information is available in the claims rules.

How will potential claims be dealt with?

Trigema deals with any claims without undue delay. It will arrange the procedure for remedying the claim with the owner of the apartment. Notification of the defect by the new owner immediately after it is established is an important factor when dealing with a claim, as well as cooperation with Trigema – providing access to the apartment at the arranged times. More detailed information is available in the claims rules.

Where can I find out more about the project?

We will be happy to provide you with all the required information about the project personally at the Trigema Company’s sales centre at Kollárova ul. 862/34, Plzeň 3; or by telephone, please call 800 340 350.

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